Top 10 TV Shows that Parents and Kids can Watch Together

The golden era of television offers thousands of TV shows, movies, documentaries, music, and what not to its viewers. Such a wide variety of choices means that there is no dearth of programs to suit the individual needs of each and every TV viewer. But, this very personalization can become a problem when parents want to spend some quality time with their kids. It is difficult to find programs enjoyable for parents and kids. But, if you look hard enough, you can find some content that you and your little one can enjoy together without compromising. We have made a list of top shows that are entertaining for both groups. Here you go.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi TV series, which captures the events in the life of an alien known only by the name of Doctor. He travels across the universe and across time, usually accompanied by one human companion. During his travels, he comes across the most unusual phenomena and dangers, which make for his thrilling adventures. It is a very interesting series, especially the rebooted version of the series. The Doctor always comes up with clever ways to save the day, and sometimes the entire universe. It’s a must watch with your kids.

Modern Family

Modern Family, which recently aired its eighth season finale, is one of the most popular shows in America. It has become a staple of family entertainment today. It revolves around a family made up of three branches and each of them faces travails of their own. It is the right mix of comedy, family values, and storyline to make for an interesting watch for the entire family, irrespective of the age. The show is hilarious and will have your kids in fits of laughter in no time at all.


Unlikely Animal Friends

This is the ultimate “feel good” for TV viewers of all ages. This National Geographic show features a new animal-animal or an animal-human pair that is sure to win your hearts. They always bring to you absolutely cute, adorable animals and the unique relationships they have. Most importantly, the animal experts on the show share exciting information about the animals like their habitats, their typical group behavior, how we can help in their preservation, etc. None of this ever gets boring because you are constantly looking at the most lovely creatures ever. This way, your kids get to enjoy television, while simultaneously learning something new about all those animals out there.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

This 2014 show is a nod to the original Carl Sagan classic from the ‘80s. A lot has happened in the field of science over the last 3 decades. Our understanding of the universe and our place in it has vastly changed during this time. In Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the host Neil deGrasse Tyson, beautifully explains our current understanding of the universe and the things in it. He goes further and envisages what the future might hold for humans, stars, and the universe itself. This is, without a doubt, an important educational program that can open up your kid’s imagination and interest in science in the most definitive way.

American Pickers

American Pickers is a show of ironies. It is simultaneously a show about nothing and everything. It follows the life of two friends, who travel across the length and breadth of America, locating and purchasing items of historic significance. These items usually do not have much intrinsic value, but are worth a lot because of their historical association with a person, place, event, or something like that. Each such item they find has a story to tell, has a history to remember, etc. This show is an excellent way to kindle a strong interest in history in your kids.

MasterChef Junior

MasterChef Junior is an immensely popular cooking show that pitches young master chefs against adult master chefs in a cooking competition. The junior master chefs are usually in the age bracket of 8 years to 13 years. But, don’t let their age fool you. They are formidable opponents and end up winning the competitions as often as their adult counterparts. The show itself is hosted by Gordon Ramsay. No, don’t worry. He is on his best behavior on the show. The cooking show is highly entertaining, and a great watch for the entire family.

masterchef junior

The Film Career of “Air” Buddy

Younger readers will no doubt remember Buddy as the star of the popular 1997 film “Air Bud,” which told the story of a dog who comes into the life of a young boy dealing with the death of his father and eventually scores it big as a player on a local basketball team. But before his work in Air Bud, Buddy was one of the stars of the hit family TV show Full House—a long way from his rather modest and humble beginnings.

Air buddies

Buddy, who is one of the more popular “Hollywood” dogs of the 20th century, was not always living the high life of Hollywood glamour. He lived several years of his life as a stray dog. In 1989, he was found by Kevin di Cicco in the Sierra Nevada mountains; for the next few years, Buddy recuperated from his earlier rough start and went on to be well trained in vigorous activities. Di Cicco especially loved to train Buddy in sports–he learned how to “play” soccer, football, hockey, baseball and, of course, basketball. In the early 90s, he first came into fame by appearing on the popular show America’s Funniest Home Videos. He also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, where he dunked basketball baskets.

Air buddy Buddha

But Buddy’s first real “role” came when he was cast on the hit sitcom Full House. The show ran from 1987 to 1995–Buddy starred in 6 seasons, from 1989 to 1995, and was one of the long running cast members of the series. He played the role of Comet, the family dog. In the show, Comet arrived in the Tanner family via his mother, Minnie. Minnie was a dog who ran away from home and was eventually found in the backyard of the family–she was taken in, pregnant, and gave birth on the bed of Uncle Jesse! The owner of Minnie arrived and, grateful to the family for taking care of his dog, allowed them to keep a dog.


After his long stint in Full House, Buddy went on to star in the first Air Bud film. Shortly after filming, however, it was discovered that he had synovial cell sarcoma, a type of cancer that manifests in the joints of dogs. His right leg was amputated to help stave off the cancer, but he unfortunately died in February of 1998 due to compilations.