Hand Held Devices and Apps Are Taking Over the World

Is the title a bit of hyperbole?  Maybe.  But I’m only slightly exaggerating.  Hand held personal devices, cell phones, pads, electronic readers, etc, are growing and growing in complexity and usage.  Along with all of these tiny hand held doohickeys, there are also often associated with streaming devices to enhance the visual experience at home.


People must have their gaming, TV, movie, internet fix!  They must.  On the train, on the bus, in their car, they want what they want and want it now. With a smart phone, now people can transmit their favorite TV show or film directly to their device via a slew of online services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu.

Young men and women (and some old folks like myself) have already discovered the great thing about new gaming consoles: they can be used as streaming devices just like Blu-ray players, utilizing the aforementioned services and several others.  Instead of shooting through a sea of zombies or going on a combat mission and blowing away Iraqi insurgents you can be wading through which movie you want to see.  The apps are simple and free.  Pretty cool.


Other apps, including Apply TV and Chromecast from Google, can be used on almost any hand held device, making commuting a trip to look forward to, rather than a boring train ride.  So instead of slogging it out on the subway or down the freeway, you can enjoy passing the time in a more entertaining fashion; just keep your eyes on the rode when necessary!

That’s all well and good but what if you want to share this experience when you finally do get home?  Easy.  Many TVs are now able to catch any stream from personal devices and display the programs through their own screens.  Wanna show your significant other that funny viral video from Youtube?  No problem.  You’ll need an HDMI cable and/or the particular device from Apple and Google, but once you are set up, it’s easy to load and play.

apple TV

There is also the slightly older device, the Roku, which lets you download apps like Netflix for streaming straight to your television, including too many services to mention, providing hours and hours of home entertainment.  There are more devices like this on the way and very soon there will be no shortage of choices.

No wonder video rental stores are becoming extinct.  Why leave your house when all the entertainment you could need is right at your fingertips?