Game of Thrones Fun Facts

It’s no surprise that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular and successful television shows of our time. Known for its affinity of killing off main characters and gut wrenching plot twists, GOT boasts a 9.5 out of 10 rating on IMDb and 97% out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes. Apart from obviously great ratings and a huge worldwide fanbase, this show is also a host of quirky behind the scenes, actor, and production facts that might make fans even more intrigued about the show and how it continues to ensnares them.

1- Dothraki is a real language that was actually invented by linguists from the Language Creation Society after they were approached by the show’s producers. So if any viewers ever wonder why dialogue in the “made up” languages seems to flow well, it does. It’s supposed to.


2- The Dothraki word for eagle is Kolver. Stephen Colbert’s name inspired it. So any fans of Colbert’s Comedy Central show will rest assured that they pay homage to Colbert while watching their other favorite show.


3- Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark actually adopts the dog who plays her direwolf, Lady on the show in real life.


4- The show has been filmed on 3 different continents and in 6 different countries that include the United States, Northern Ireland, Croatia, and several others. Constant travel makes it so that it takes almost $6 million to produce one episode. Considering the amount of fans and money made from views and merch, that’s practically chump change these days for HBO.


5- The show has single handedly funneled $100 million into Northern Ireland’s economy. This is not only due to actors, but also tech crew, costume design, makeup, extras, and any other miscellaneous jobs that come with such a large ongoing production.


6- Various actors on the show are the descendants of famous figures in history. Harry Lloyd who played Viserys Targaryen is the great great great grandson of Charles Dickens. Oona Chaplin who plays Robb Starks wife is also actually the Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter.


7- Due to it’s popularity, Game of Thrones is one of the world’s most pirated television show in the world right after Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead. So far it’s been downloaded over 5 million times on websites like Piratebay.viserys-targaryen

8- “The Wall” that separates the Seven Kingdoms from the insidious cold wilderness and also from what is later revealed to be White Walkers, was inspired by Hadrian’s Wall in the UK and how the Roman Empire used it to separate itself from the Scotts and the Celtics. The series’ writer visited the wall in the 80’s and was awestruck by it and decided to make a huge exaggerated wall of his own for the series.


9- Though direwolves have been extinct for ages, in order to recreate The North’s respected mascot, Northern Inuit dogs are utilized in scenes and are then made to look larger and more primitive with visual special effects.


10- Various aspects of the show have won or have been nominated for an Emmy Award. They include the costumes that are aged a week or two before use in order to make them look authentic and lived in. The title credits have also won Emmys for its mesmerizing artistry which was actually inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork and machines. The wigs used to make the Khaleesi’s hair takes over two feet of human hair per episode and about $7,000 to make.

The Film Career of “Air” Buddy


Younger readers will no doubt remember Buddy as the star of the popular 1997 film “Air Bud,” which told the story of a dog who comes into the life of a young boy dealing with the death of his father and eventually scores it big as a player on a local basketball team. But before his work in Air Bud, Buddy was one of the stars of the hit family TV show Full House—a long way from his rather modest and humble beginnings.


Buddy, who is one of the more popular “Hollywood” dogs of the 20th century, was not always living the high life of Hollywood glamour. He lived several years of his life as a stray dog. In 1989, he was found by Kevin di Cicco in the Sierra Nevada mountains; for the next few years, Buddy recuperated from his earlier rough start and went on to be well trained in vigorous activities. Di Cicco especially loved to train Buddy in sports–he learned how to “play” soccer, football, hockey, baseball and, of course, basketball. In the early 90s, he first came into fame by appearing on the popular show America’s Funniest Home Videos. He also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, where he dunked basketball baskets.


But Buddy’s first real “role” came when he was cast on the hit sitcom Full House. The show ran from 1987 to 1995–Buddy starred in 6 seasons, from 1989 to 1995, and was one of the long running cast members of the series. He played the role of Comet, the family dog. In the show, Comet arrived in the Tanner family via his mother, Minnie. Minnie was a dog who ran away from home and was eventually found in the backyard of the family–she was taken in, pregnant, and gave birth on the bed of Uncle Jesse! The owner of Minnie arrived and, grateful to the family for taking care of his dog, allowed them to keep a dog.


After his long stint in Full House, Buddy went on to star in the first Air Bud film. Shortly after filming, however, it was discovered that he had synovial cell sarcoma, a type of cancer that manifests in the joints of dogs. His right leg was amputated to help stave off the cancer, but he unfortunately died in February of 1998 due to compilations.

Justice League TV Series

During the late 90’s there was an influx of superhero shows.  They had one of the best incarnations of Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman and many others.  An outgrowth of that, in particular Batman: The Animated Series, was Justice League, which shared some continuity with Superman: The Animated Series.

The show went through a name change from Justice League for the fist two seasons to Justice League Unlimited in the next three, ending with a total of 91 episodes.  Combined with Batman TAS’ 109 total, including The New Batman Adventures, which is a direct sequel to the previous one, and Superman’s 54, this is a massive universe of animated episodes, with every DC main comic book character you could hope to have.


For this first iteration of the series, the main roster of Justice League members were Batman and Superman of course, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, J’onn J’ones, Hawkgirl and some other lesser known characters.  But let’s face it, it’s all about Bats, Supes, Wonder Woman and to a lesser extent Green Lantern, in this case John Stewart.

I have nothing against the other characters but the show was at its best when it focused on Superman and Batman’s relationship.  They were often at odds because they had different approaches to how to combat evil.  Superman is the ultimate Boy Scout of course, always doing the right thing and protecting the innocent at all costs.  Batman is the anti-hero, getting the job done no matter what.


They argued and fans love them together, hence the number of individual films where they team up, including Batman/Superman: Public Enemies and Batman/Superman: Apocalypse.  Oh and there’s that live action film, the direct sequel to Man of Steel that will feature DC’s two biggest comic book guns, tentatively called Superman vs. Batman or vice versa.

Yeah, DC gets it.  Focus on Batman and Superman and you’ve got a winner.  Justice worked well otherwise, when they explored the other characters, in particular Wonder Woman, who has a greater depth than some might realize, but I liked when they all teamed up together and fought.


With Justice League unlimited, they expanded the cast of characters even further. You can watch reruns of these with AT& U-verse TV or Frontier Communications TV.

Find Out What Dish Network Has To Offer

Imagine such a situation. You are a die-hard Roger Federer fan and you just found out that he slugged his way through to the US Open finals against Rafael Nadal. The sporting fanatic inside you would love to be court side while they battle it out while soaking up the atmosphere of the 15000 strong crowd in the Arthur Ashe stadium. However there is a slight problem. While the final is played at Flushing Meadows, you are stuck in California because of work and family commitments.

How can you solve such an issue? You cannot possibly abandon your duties back at home to go across the country to watch the game; and you cannot bear to miss such a golden opportunity as well. It seems like the only way to make everyone happy is to bring the game back home.

dish-hopper-190 channels-deal-promotion-

Thankfully, it is now very possible to do so. Dish Network Satellite TV provides the solution to solve all your woes. It brings you HDTV and live feeds of almost every sporting event across the states to the comfort of your home. Satellite TV has now made it possible for every fan to tune in and indulge themselves into the sporting events that they love while rooting for their own team. Click right here to find out more about Dish Network Satellite TV Packages at

Dish Network Satellite TV not only brings you all the best sporting events across the country, it also provides a wide variety of in house entertainment to suit your whole family. There are different DISH satellite TV packages for movies, entertainment, documentaries and so on. If you want a crack at all these channels, then you might fancy getting the Everything Package at just a slight mark up. It is as good as it gets when it comes to satellite HDTV.


But wait, there is more! Dish Network also provides a digital video recorder system known as the Dish Hopper. The Hopper allows you instant access to primetime television from other television networks such as ABC, CBS and Fox. With the Hopper, you can now watch 4 HD programs on a multitude of different televisions. This DVR system also enables you to store over 2000 hours of all your favorite movies and sporting events to be watched at another time; at your own convenience. Imagine streaming thousands of movies onto your very own television at a mere $24.99 per month. That is definitely a steal for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about what Dish Network has to offer today. Get everything you need to know about the packages as well as the Hopper DVR technology. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!  Start today.


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Hand Held Devices and Apps Are Taking Over the World

Is the title a bit of hyperbole?  Maybe.  But I’m only slightly exaggerating.  Hand held personal devices, cell phones, pads, electronic readers, etc, are growing and growing in complexity and usage.  Along with all of these tiny hand held doohickeys, there are also often associated with streaming devices to enhance the visual experience at home.


People must have their gaming, TV, movie, internet fix!  They must.  On the train, on the bus, in their car, they want what they want and want it now.  With a smart phone, now people can transmit their favorite TV show or film directly to their device via a slew of online services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu.

Young men and women (and some old folks like myself) have already discovered the great thing about new gaming consoles: they can be used as streaming devices just like Blu-ray players, utilizing the aforementioned services and several others.  Instead of shooting through a sea of zombies or going on a combat mission and blowing away Iraqi insurgents you can be wading through which movie you want to see.  The apps are simple and free.  Pretty cool.


Other apps, including Apply TV and Chromecast from Google, can be used on almost any hand held device, making commuting a trip to look forward to, rather than a boring train ride.  So instead of slogging it out on the subway or down the freeway, you can enjoy passing the time in a more entertaining fashion; just keep your eyes on the rode when necessary!

That’s all well and good but what if you want to share this experience when you finally do get home?  Easy.  Many TVs are now able to catch any stream from personal devices and display the programs through their own screens.  Wanna show your significant other that funny viral video from Youtube?  No problem.  You’ll need an HDMI cable and/or the particular device from Apple and Google, but once you are set up, it’s easy to load and play.


There is also the slightly older device, the Roku, which lets you download apps like Netflix for streaming straight to your television, including too many services to mention, providing hours and hours of home entertainment.  There are more devices like this on the way and very soon there will be no shortage of choices.

No wonder video rental stores are becoming extinct.  Why leave your house when all the entertainment you could need is right at your fingertips?

Can Comcast XFINITY Be Helpful?

Have you ever thought of Comcast as helpful for you and your family? It’s true that a lot of television can be harmful. Although, believe it or not, television can be healthy for your children and even you if used properly. Television is an open door to the world offering you education, entertainment, cultural events, sports, music and much more. As a parent, TV can give you the material and opportunities to have open discussions and broach difficult subjects.

This also allows you to show about customs in other cultures. You might even find that your children may start reading books you have never heard of because of programming based on book adaptation.


Television is a vast world to see. Your child’s mind is like a sponge, it soaks up anything that goes into it, because of this, you have the option of Parental Controls. This option allows you to block whole channels or specific shows to make sure their sponge-like brain is always safe from things that may be mature for them. This way, you always have peace of mind.

Try Comcast first to get all the entertainment you need. They offer you so much, like hundreds of channels and HD channels, International programming and more. They can even give you great options like sports and movie premiums, new movies from the On Demand menu and live events from the Pay Per View selections. At Special Cable Deals, you will find a lot more details.


Every now and then, your family needs outside. Comcast gives you the DVR and HD-DVR so you can record all of your favorite shows for when you get home from your fun day outside.

Internet  Resolution

Like TV, the internet can also be used as a tool for education and entertainment. It offers you a way to look up sites for research and reports while still giving you games and other content for entertainment.

It’s like TV in another way too, too much of it can be a bad thing. You can get Parental Controls with this too. This allows you to block sites, look at online activities and see online chat logs.

With Comcast, you can get up to 100 Mbps and WiFi that connects to any wireless device. This allows you to set up your home network while doing everything online. With this kind of speed there is no limit on what you can do. It’s easy to upload, download and stream from many different sites at once and it only takes a second. This makes life go a little smoother for everyone in the household.

With all this speed, you need something to protect your computer. Comcast gives you online security software. This protects your computer from bots, trojans, spyware and other online threats to make sure your computer stays as fast as the day you bought it. This security option also protects your personal information from hackers and phishing.

Both the Parental Controls and online security software come included with your internet service for no extra charge to you. Don’t spend too much money on the protection your and your family needs.

All this is completely filled with services you will use everyday. It gives you the speed and reliability you need for every single communication, education and entertainment needs.


When you choose to go through a home phone, you don’t have to worry about a lot of disadvantages that cell phones have. Reception or poor signal are the most common problems. Many cell phone providers won’t be able to cover you in your home because of the signal. When you have an emergency, this could cost you precious time.

Comcast gives you home phone service that skips all of that. They offer this with digital reliability so you don”t have to search for service anymore and you can have crystal clear reception. They give this to you for a low monthly fee for local and long distance calling.

They offer all this as well as features for no extra charge. Comcast offers International calling as well for a very low price.

They offer you the perfect solution that you can use whenever you need them.



Comcast is the best provider for you can your family. To add onto all the great services they already offer you, they also offer you Comcast Bundled services packages. This allows you to pay a single bill for all three of your services on a discounted low monthly rate.

Comcast even offers you a way to pay online, over the phone or by mail so you never forget and you are never stressed. Try Comcast today!

Time Warner Cable Bundled Deals

The tree is down, the lights are put up, and you are trying to get back into the daily swing. Many times, this includes getting back on your regular viewing schedule, right along with work and school. Thankfully, Time Warner Cable can help you with this.

Your Time Warner Cable TV experience can include a digital video recorder, to go with the large channel selection this provider offers. You can use this DVR to get all the action, sports and other programming you want, even if you need to make exchanges or restock at the grocery store. Record your programming and watch it when you have time. You can still fit your shows in, even while you are regrouping after the holiday. Use the HD-DVR to record from the large selection of free HD television channels. You will be back on track in no time.


Time Warner Cable TV can provide hundreds of hours of programming from multiple sources through their On Demand selection. Whether you want to watch a new movie release, or catch up on past episodes of your favorite night time drama, this service provides. Check out these Affordable Time Warner Cable Packages right now.

Controlled Chaos

When you are trying to get everything done for the night, like homework and supper, you need a home phone service that can work with you. Use call features like Caller ID, Caller ID for the TV, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Blocking and more to manage your schedule around your calls. Use the digital voice mail to answer messages after dinner.

When you do have time to make your calls, Time Warner Cable Home Phone services can provide you with a calling service that allows for unlimited local and long distance calls. Call any location in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for a single, low monthly rate. You can do away with limited calling and calling cards.

Pay competitive rates for all of your International calls. This service is affordable and family-friendly.

Internet Experts


For your children, the world wide web is a great place to surf, network, download games and movies and play. They have a wide open space to travel and they are internet-savvy enough to do it. Unfortunately, not every site has a family-friendly page to land on. When your children are online, you can breath easier with the Parental Controls Time Warner Cable Internet offers. Take a look at these Time Warner Cable Broadband Deals.

You can also take advantage of the online security this provider has. Your computer and personal information will be safer while you are chatting, shopping or banking online.

This service can support several wireless devices at one time, with the ability to peak at 50 Mbps for downloads, and up to 3 Mbps for uploads.

Bundled Savings

There are ways to meet your home entertainment and communications needs, as well as your budget. Let Time Warner Cable Bundle your services into one bill, for one rate. This way you can pay one monthly rate for three services. Make it even easier on yourself with online bill pays to save time and money.

Charter Communications Does Everything Well

Sign up for Charter today and get more out of life than ever! Charter offers fabulous entertainment options, not to mentions communications and fast online connections that will keep you on your toes and offer around the clock fun. When you sign up for Charter today, you can enjoy all that Charter has to offer at low prices that anyone can afford.

Charter presents you with three phenomenal cable services that are ALL DIGITAL! Enjoy Charter TV, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone at incredibly low rates. These three amazing cable services will make your life more convenient, and will add some pizazz to your every day.

Sign up for a Charter Bundle, and combine the services that you love the most for less. A Charter 2-Service Bundle allows you to sign up for two of your favorite Charter services for one low monthly cost. Sign up for all three amazing Charter services and save even more with a Charter 3-Service Bundle.

One of the most classic and most popular Charter services is Charter TV. Charter TV provides your entire home with quality, all digital television entertainment. View the shows that you love, catch up on local and international news, watch new release movies, and never miss a sports game again.


There is programming for everyone to indulge in through Charter TV. View your favorite shows in stunning high definition when you sign up for Charter TV in HD. Charter TV in HD offers phenomenal clarity, jaw dropping detail, and phenomenal sound from Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Feel like you are a part of what you are watching through Charter HDTV programming today.

Experience Charter On Demand, and indulge in around the clock entertainment options that you can choose from. Charter On Demand is basically a vast library of movies, recently aired shows, entire show series, sports programming, music, and more that you can access whenever you want to. You can even enjoy your favorite HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax programs through Premiums On Demand.

Other great programming options include Pay-Per-View, Premium Channels, and even Sports Packages from Charter TV. Sports Packages include great networks such as  ESPN Game Plan, MLB Extra Innings, ESPN Full Court, NHL Center Ice, and more.

A DVR is definitely a device that you need to try when you sign up for Charter TV. A Charter TV DVR, or digital video recorder, allows you to record movies, sports, shows, and more with the flick of your remote button. Record shows so that you can watch them whenever you would like to see them. Record one show while you watch another, or program a recording in advance.


A Charter TV DVR also allows you to watch live TV the way you want to. With amazing pause and rewind features, you have complete control over your entertainment experience. Fast-forward through recorded programming as well with this fabulous device.

Indulge in the best online experience ever when you sign up with Charter Internet. Charter Internet offers superb online connections to the world wide web.

Charter Internet offers a multitude of online speeds for you to select from. Find an online speed to fit your needs as well as your budget, with great low prices only from Charter. Charter Internet Lite is perfect for email, surfing the web, and instant messaging. Sign up for Charter Internet Express for more online speeds than Lite. With Express, you can download songs, share photos, and indulge in streaming entertainment with ease.

Sign up for Charter Internet Plus if you want to go even faster online. Plus is essential for large downloads, multiple users on one account, WiFi, easy and fast uploads to the Internet, streaming entertainment in HD, and more. Do all of this and so much more when you sign up for Charter Internet Ultra. Ultra offers ground breaking online speeds with which you can do anything that you want to do online.

Chat with old friends, connect with family, and talk with loved ones through a personal connection when you sign up for Charter Phone today. Charter Phone offers amazing, all digital telephone connections that are clear and consistent. Sign up for a calling plan to suit your needs. One of the most popular calling plans that Charter Phone offers is Unlimited Calling.


When you sign up for Charter Phone, you will love the convenience of calling features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Custom Ring, Speed Dial 8, Call Forwarding, and more. Enjoy digital Voicemail, and make the switch to Charter Phone with ease ñ you can even keep your old phone number!